So you are looking to get started? Or just looking to upgrade your current system? You’ve come to the right place! This page is dedicated to helping you find what you need to get set up with a unit that fits your needs.

The basic components of an Electronic Vaporizer are:


    E-Juice is the liquid that turns into vapor. There are many different types of E-juice. At Cloud9Vapor we use only the finest American made pharmaceutical grade kosher products. Using higher grade products creates a taste, consistency and vapability which is unmatched by generic E-Juices.

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    The tank is what holds the E-Juice. This is a very important component – the tank and atomizer within are basically the “heart” of the unit. Using the proper tank and atomizer with the battery is essential.



    his is what provides the power to the unit- This can also be referred to as the MOD. The mod usually controls the current to the atomizer and regulates the function. Batteries can be built into the mod, but some mods use replaceable batteries.


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